Susan Sorensen

Susan is an Early Childhood Teacher, who believes in peace, justice and freedom for all sentient beings we share the planet with and she believes in the absolute necessity to be an advocate for the environment to turn back the current climate crisis we find ourselves a part of. She has been a resident of the Northern beaches since 2002 after spending 15 years in Central Queensland. She has always had an affinity with nature and animals and has supported causes that have advocated for both as well as working towards creating a better world for younger generations. She has spent over 33 years teaching and supporting preschool aged children and their families in the development of a love of the natural world and in fostering kind, compassionate hearts for animals, people and the environment.

Susan participates regularly in beach and lagoon clean ups with the Northern Beaches clean-up crew as well as educating people about the treatment of animals, the environment and health through ‘Anonymous for the Voiceless’. When time permits, she enjoys bush walking, reading, camping and learning more about behavioural changes that are necessary to ensure the viability of the basic rights of all animals.