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The Animal Justice Party is a small grassroots party fighting for animals... and winning!

Without the huge corporate donors and resources that major parties have, we've still been able to elect two MPs and one Councillor in NSW – the Hon. Emma Hurst, MLC, the Hon. Mark Pearson, MLC, and Cr Matt Stellino for the City of Campbelltown.

And how have they fared, fighting up against a Liberal-National Government and the Labor Opposition who brought back greyhound racing?

We've been the most effective minor party in Parliament.

Our most recent wins:

  • Passed more private members' bills than any other political party! No one is fighting harder than us.
  • Outlawed convenience killing in NSW pounds. Now Councils must try to rehome every animal who comes into the pound. 
  • Won laboratory animals the ‘Right to Release’ from experimentation. Cats and dogs abused in research will now have the chance to find a loving home.
  • Ended the use of dolphins and whales as entertainment
  • Banned animal abusers from working with animals...
  • And amended the Working With Children Check so they cannot work with children either.
  • Secured $2.8 million for wildlife carers to treat and eradicate wombat mange.
  • Secured $2.5 million to build and operate mobile vet trucks.
  • Banned 1080 and Strychnine in Campbelltown, thanks to electing our first ever Councillor.
  • Banned the deadly bird-killing rat poison, SGARs in Campbelltown, again thanks to electing our first ever Councillor.
  • Increased penalties for animal abusers eight-fold & doubled the jail time
  • Banned animal crush & bestiality videos
  • Mandated lifelong animal bans for abusers
  • Stopped strata schemes from being able to impose blanket pet bans
  • Got our first Councillor elected in NSW for the City of Campbelltown – home to one of the last healthy populations of koalas in NSW!
  • Fought for Parliamentary Inquiries into caged hens, animals in experimentation, kangaroos, the puppy farming industry, mulesing (2020) and NSW's animal cruelty laws (2019). These inquiries exposed horrific brutality, opaque statistics, brought legalised animal cruelty into the media spotlight, highlighted the inadequacies of our current legislation and placed the Government under (ongoing!) pressure to comply with inquiry recommendations.
  • Introduced the ‘Aquatic Animal Recognition’ Bill to have crustaceans and cephalopods recognised under animal cruelty legislation
  • Secured a recommendation that the NSW Government develop a transition program for dairy farmers wanting to leave the industry, aka ‘TransFARMation’
  • Successfully lobbied the NSW Government to review rental laws that allow landlords to discriminate against renters with pets. Relief is coming for renters!
  • Doubled our Senate vote in the Federal Election!

Like what you see? This is what we've been able to achieve in NSW with only two MPs and one Councillor!


Thanks to our members and donors. Become a member or donor today.