Simon Garrod

Simon has been employed at UNSW Sydney for over 10 years as an IT specialist. He also has teaching and counselling experience and has worked as a senior software developer with a major US IT company
developing innovative information systems for UK healthcare providers. Previously to that he spent 12 years as a field archaeologist working on projects in the UK and Madagascar. Vegetarian since school days for the simple reason that he became aware that it was unnecessary to kill animals, he became fully vegan over 2 years ago. Wanting to help animals further, he has been a regular activist with the Sydney chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless. He also has overseas contacts such as the Bangkok International Vegan Association (BEVA) and other organisations in Thailand and the UK.

He strongly believes that animal liberation is essential for human societies to evolve into more caring and equal communities, and is adamant that there is good in all people and that their inhumane and
uncompassionate actions towards animals is due to being misled into believing that animal exploitation is necessary and unavoidable. He sees the animal liberation movement moving forward on many fronts to harness that innate compassion in people. He has realised that his skills and experience are ideally suited to putting consideration for animals on the forefront of the political agenda, and that standing for the Animal Justice Party is the best way to achieve this. If elected Simon will strive to improve the welfare of animals for the benefit of both the animals and the community.

Simon is also a part-time student at UNSW and is president of Animal Voices UNSW a vegan/activist club on campus actively promoting a kinder way of living for students. He regularly organises events on campus that raise awareness of the way animals are treated by animal agriculture and other exploitation industries.

Simon is an accomplished street photographer, with an extensive portfolio of images from Australia, south-east Asia and Europe. He also was a qualified railway fireman on heritage steam railways in the UK.

Simon has the integrity, optimism and intelligence necessary to become a great politician to represent Coogee. He is also a loyal and popular employee at UNSW which are perfect qualities to make him an excellent person to be elected on March 23rd.