Jason Alan

I was moved to stand for the Animal Justice Party in Barwon. I have been a proud member of the AJP for 4 years, over which period I have seen the party grow more credible every year. I’m an animal lover and passionate about the environment, the issues the AJP tackles run tandem with my core beliefs and value. Cruelty to animals is unacceptable in any form.

I care about Australia, and Barwon has just experienced yet another tough drought. With climate change accelerating, there will be more, tougher droughts and floods in Australia. Our oceans are dying and rapid deforestation is causing our wildlife to become closer to extinction. The issues will get worse and politicians just argue amongst themselves as opposed to finding an acceptable consensus for all parties. Our fish are dying in the rivers due to poor irrigation. I can’t imagine the stench of the recent fish slaughter in Menindee. These scenes encouraged me to take a stand as clearly the current policies in place in the area are not working. Cotton farmers blame animal agriculture farmers, yet nothing seems to get resolved for the local people, animals and environment.

The government only gives drought relief cash as opposed to help these farmers transition to less land intensive crop farming. Feeding many animals takes a lot more crops than feeding humans and when these animals die from starvation & dehydration, the reality of this wastage hits home. Transition packages should be on the government agenda, not just cash payments. The world is changing and Australia is the 3rd fastest growing vegan country in the world. The growth of plant based meats and milks is already causing decline in meat  and dairy industries. In the coming years, rich billionaires will be bringing lab grown meat, milk and eggs to market. As these changes become more popular, farmers will have had no support to transition.

During this extreme weather, animals need shelter and water access. Too many farms, feedlots and sale yards deny these basic needs of animals, which is cruel and heartbreaking to see. This needs to change.

The drought is real and Barwon collectively needs to adapt.