Greg Keightley

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A vote for Greg Keightley and the AJP is a vote for people, animals and the environment

I have lived in the Blue Mountains for 35 years and been an advocate for environmental, animal rescue and community issues for 20 years. I believe that it is time for our leaders and decision-makers to govern in a more ethical and compassionate way which considers the welfare of animals, the environment and the marginalised in our community as a priority.

As your elected representative I will work hard to retain the unique biodiversity of the Blue Mountains and protect native animals and their habitats. I will also work to:

  • Protect kangaroos from cruelty, culling and commercial exploitation.
  • End the battery farming of hens.
  • Prohibit the use of poisons such as 1080.
  • Advocate for tougher and more frequently applied penalties for animal cruelty offences.

A vote for the Animal Justice Party is a vote for more integrity and compassion in the decision-making of government.

Save Animals Through Political Action