Amy Johnson

The seat of Maitland has passionate vegan, Amy Johnson, as our candidate. Amy has been vegan for most of her life and has lived in the Hunter her whole life. She has a Bachelors degree in Science from Newcastle university. She is currently studying a Masters of Medical Science. In the past Amy has worked as a veterinary nurse and disability support worker. Amy has been involved in animal rescue, and rehabilitation for over 10 years including domesticated animals and wildlife. Amy has worked overseas in animal rescue and has been to many developing countries.

Amy has a very strong interest in medicine, science, politics and justice. Amy has been involved in the fight for animal protection and stronger animal rights laws since 2003. Amy has also volunteered for human rights organisation Amnesty international. Amy cares deeply for social justice. She values the connection all social justice issues have. “Human rights, animal rights, and environmental protection are all interconnected.” Amy has been a member of Animal Justice party since they began in 2009. Before this she was a member of The Greens party. She moved because Animal Justice Party have stronger animal protection policies and no vested interest from party candidates and leaders who make money from animal exploitation. Amy is motivated to run as a candidate to help the fight for getting animal protection acknowledged in parliament. Amys says “No other party on the cross bench has ever been there for the main purpose of making sure animals are protected from cruelty. This is the fundamental reason why systematic animal abuse in our country is so extreme.” This to, is the reason why says she has dedicated herself to their plight for justice. “Every non-human animal deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. No one should suffer just because of their species membership.”

Amy is particularly passionate about mandatory shade for farmed animals. Amy says “On these hot days, it can reach to over 50 degrees in the sun. It’s heart breaking to think of the suffering these poor animals endure. Trees significantly reduce heat because they absorb the it. It can be 10 degrees less under a tree.”

Amy highly values Animal Justice Party’s core ethics; Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non violence and is proud to be supporting the party.