Toni Gundry

Toni Gundry is representing the Animal Justice Party (AJP) as a candidate in the Electorate of Wallsend. Toni’s family has ties in Newcastle dating as far back back as the convict days. Toni has always loved the Newcastle community and all the area has to offer. After spending her childhood days in the country she moved back into the area 15 years ago with the last 6 years residing in the Wallsend Electorate with her 2 adolescent sons. Toni is your local friendly “postie”, which she says combines 2 of her loves – exploring Newcastle and riding motor bikes.

In addition to running as a candidate, Toni has been nominated as the Regional Spokesperson for the Hunter AJP group. She hopes to use this role to represent the people of the Newcastle and Hunter region who have real concerns about key issues involving animal welfare and environmental management.
Toni has always cared for our environment, when she was only 10 years of age she lead the Gould League Committee at her local school and fostered wildlife through the WIRES organisation.

Toni has a dislike for plastic waste and rubbish that accumulates on our shores and waterways, if there is a beach clean-up somewhere, you’ll find Toni there. Currently she is an active member of the community group Save Our Coast working to stop the seismic testing scheduled this year. Seismic testing will cause devastating harm to our marine life, to our coast, to the many businesses who rely on tourism and also our future. She is determined to ensure there will be no gas or oil rigs built off our beautiful coastline. Toni co-manages the movement Newcastle Animal Save to bring awareness to the suffering of food animals and is a foster carer for the Rabbit Sanctuary, she currently is a foster mum to 8 guinea pigs and 3 rabbits.

Toni has a deep passion towards other species who share our earth. She has campaigned against Live Export, abuse suffered by animals used for food, culling of the Singleton Brumbies but her deepest passion lies with those that are rarely thought about, animals in research. Some of the guinea pigs Toni has rescued are victims of cruel and unnecessary testing. Toni Joined the AJP when she realised that more needed to be done on a political level. AJP finally gives animals a voice in politics. Toni believes that to achieve a change for animals requires many different approaches working together for them. AJP is essential in their plight and AJP is the only political party giving their voice a megaphone.

“The animal justice party is the political front for change and justice for the neglected, exploited and forgotten animals.”