Theresa Taylor

Therese Taylor Port Stephens

Theresa Taylor
Candidate for
Port Stephens


Phone: 9261 2047

Theresa Taylor is proud to be representing Animal Justice Party for Port Stephens. Theresa has a passion for wildlife and is very concerned with the extinction rate of Koalas in Port Stephens and along the east coast of Australia. Theresa is a strong advocate for banning logging in native forests to protect wildlife in particular koalas. Theresa has lived most of her life on a plant based diet, because she has a deep concern for the welfare of farmed animals. She is deeply concerned about the absence of laws to protect non- human animals in our society and global warming which is beginning to drive our native animals to extinction. As a candidate Theresa wants to represent the plight against extreme land clearing for animal agriculture, the never ending urban development, forestry and mining industries. She is also an advocate for the anti seismic testing and oil rigs off our coast. Theresa has been a school teacher for most of her life and wants to make sure there is a kind future for children.