Sarah Coogans

Sarah has grown up in the Hills District of Sydney, where she is raising her 3 children, she works in a retail nursery as well as a disability support worker. Sarah is a vegan and a lifelong animal lover and has volunteered for many different animal organizations over the years.

Sarah joined the AJP as she feels it’s the only real way to create better policies for animals and to make a more positive change for them. There are many issues that we can be all working towards for a better life for animal here are just a few that concern me, Land clearing, 1080 poison, kangaroo killing, plastic waste, pushing for the protection of Koala habitats, banning exotic animals in circuses, tougher penalties for animal cruelty just to name a few.

By voting number 1 for the AJP is a vote for kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence.