Rohan Laxmanalal

Rohan Laxmanalal Granville

Rohan Laxmanalal
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Phone: 9261 2047

A vote for Rohan Laxmanalal is a vote for people, animals and the environment.

I was born in Westmead and have lived in Western Sydney most of my life, which means I am knowledgeable and passionate about the issues that affect our local area.

My professional background is in finance and mathematics, and I also have a strong interest in rugby league, cricket and tennis.

I am standing as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party in the NSW seat of Granville to give a voice to the voiceless and advocate for animals and the environment with the aim of improving our health and quality of life. Effective policy around these issues is lacking in Parliament and it’s time for us to make a stand.

I advocate for human health, animals and the environment through volunteering at the Sydney Vegan Market, Plant Alive Festival, Super Furry Festival and through my involvement in AJP Sydney East and Inner West regional groups. Human health and the environment have value far beyond dollars and it is crucial that we act NOW in these areas before it is too late.

I love ALL animals but am most passionate about dogs – being the owner of one. I want to put an end to animal testing on healthy dogs and to greyhound racing, which leads to the injury and deaths of thousands of dogs each year.

We can lead by example in New South Wales to ensure other states follow suit on these important issues.