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Natalie Matkovic
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Phone: 9261 20147

Natalie Matkovic is the Animal Justice Party candidate for Pittwater on the Northern Beaches.  As the Group Co-Secretary for the AJP Northern Beaches Regional Group, Natalie recently joined the AJP to help change how we think and treat animals.  A long time advocate of animal rights, Natalie wants to help break the cycle of abuse for animals and show them a life that is kind and compassionate with no pain or suffering. Natalie believes it is important to care about all animals, not just those that live with us.

Having lived and worked on the Northern Beaches for over eight years with her family, Natalie is keen to encourage political parties to adopt animal-friendly policies in Pittwater. As a vegetarian for 16 years, Natalie became further interested in the animal rights movement in 2017 when she became vegan after learning about the awful conditions animals endure behind closed doors.

Key issues Natalie will be working to change:

  • Ban 1080 poison and introduce trap, neuter and release programs;
  • Protect the ocean and waterways from pollution;
  • Release cats and dogs that have been used in medical research and allow them to have a loving home;
  • Ban the use of animals in the circus and in entertainment;
  • End puppy farms; and
  • Free Hens from battery cages