Michael Dello-Iacovo

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Michael Dello-Iacovo is the second Animal Justice Party candidate for the senate in NSW. Michael has a strong science and non-profit background, and is an advocate for evidence-based policy.

Michael is currently undertaking a PhD at UNSW Australia, where he is working on the technical, economic and ethical challenges involved in space exploration, with a focus on asteroids.

He maintains a blog and podcast Morality is Hard, which examines the complex nature of ethical choices.

He was previously the CEO of Effective Altruism Australia, a non-profit dedicated to supporting evidence-backed international development organisations and helping Australians use their resources as effectively as possible to help others. He was also the co-founder and President of The Life You Can Save Adelaide, a local chapter of the effective altruism movement, and a geophysicist for an Australian energy company.

Michael has dedicated his life to giving back and making the world a better place for all. To that end, in 2016 he pledged to donate all of his income above $45,000 each year to the most effective charities and causes, a pledge which he will uphold with his parliamentary income, if elected.

Climate change is a particular area of concern for Michael. After studying climate change in his undergraduate degree and attending former United States Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project training, he realised the urgency and severity of the problem, and has extensively advocated and written about the issue.

Michael grew interested in animal rights and became vegan 4 years ago. The values of the Animal Justice Party of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-violence were a perfect fit, and Michael first became involved with the party two years ago.
“I want to bring these values to parliament, and ensure that all decisions made take them all in to account. Naturally, that means that live export needs to end. Not just a temporary ban, and not just for some animals. Australians know this for the atrocity that it is, and want to see it ended. I will ensure that those that don’t get a vote are represented in our political system.”

“I understand that good policy decisions are complex. As well as applying our values, we need to use data to help us make our decisions. Too many political decisions today are done without proper consultation, research and evidence, and I want to change this.”

Michael is on the NSW state committee for the Animal Justice Party, is on the party’s policy committee, is the Chair of the Party’s newly formed Youth Wing.

If you also believe that we can do better by the animals, environment and people in Australia, then #Vote1AJP in the Senate at the Federal election.

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