Madeline Richards

Madeline Richards The Entrance

Madeline Richards
Candidate for
The Entrance


Maddy Richards is the Animal Justice Party Candidate for the Entrance on the Central Coast. She is a devoted animal advocate and lover of all animals.

Maddy is involved with a number of animal liberation groups and believes the Animal Justice Party is the perfect platform for our Government to make the changes that animals and our environment desperately need. The AJP is committed to helping change and create laws that are in the best interest to all inhabitants and species in Australia.

The vote for animals is an important one to Maddy as she knows that the AJP will always be committed to doing the right thing and making the right decisions. With surrounding support Maddy will always stand up for any discrepancies in our societal system and be a voice for the ones that need it the most. Running in the State Election would allow her to focus on helping the Ban of Live Exports, Exotic Animals used in Circuses, Factory Farming issues and addressing Climate Change and our Local Environmental Protection Policies.

If you believe that we can strive to do better by the animals in Australia then #Vote1AJP at the New South Wales State Election!