Linda Newfield

Linda Newfield has lived in Baulkham Hills for more than 27 years, has raised her children in the electorate and has watched this area grow to become the vibrant hub of the North West precinct that it is today.

Linda joined the AJP as she became aware of the community’s needs and to give a voice to the issues politicians don’t.

‘While we enjoy the benefits of our community, there are issues that threaten our pets, environment and our quality of life in The Hills and the wider community of NSW.’

Key issues Linda will be working to change:

  • 1080 poison in local bushlands
  • Property developments destroying natural habitat for local wildlife
  • Harsher penalties for animal cruelty
  • Puppy farms

Now is our chance to protect our animals, our environment, and our community. Now is our   chance to create change.