Laurance Taranto

Laurence Taranto Lake Macquarie

Laurance Taranto
Candidate for
Lake Macquarie


Phone: 9261 2047

Laurance (Laurie) Taranto is running for the seat of lake Macquarie. Having compassion for all beings Laurie is always ready to help anyone at anytime, nothing is too much. Laurie is a local to lake Macquarie. Laurie hates rubbish and you’ll often find him around the lake Macquarie area picking up rubbish while walking his rescued dogs. Laurie is passionate about responsible environmental management including protecting our wildlife from cruelty. Laurie cares for introduced species and does not like culling because it is cruel and proven not to work. He likes playing golf but rarely gets the chance between activism and renovating his home in Glendale. Laurie is the manager of the local Subaru car dealership. Laurie was first introduced to the realities of animal cruelty through Oscars law. Laurie has been living and advocating a plant based lifestyle for a year and a half after he spent a week volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. This sanctuary rescues elephants from severe cruelty in the entertainment, tourism and logging industry. Volunteering for this sanctuary instilled in Laurie the concept of animal sentience and living a compassionate cruelty free lifestyle.