Kate Paterson

Kate has been selected to represent the AJP in the NSW Legislative Assembly Election 2019 in the electorate of Manly. She is a local mum of three children, a Registered Nurse/Midwife and has resided in the Manly area for 20 years. Kate is aware that the Northern Beaches is a community which cares about the environment and animals, which is evident in the rising popularity of plant based eating and environmentally conscious lifestyles.

Kate is a member of the local branch of the AJP and has been a member of the party for six years. She was a candidate for Manly in the last State Election in 2015. Kate was inspired to join the AJP due to her concerns surrounding the lack of animal protection laws by the major political parties. She has been a long-time supporter of many animal welfare groups and has been involved in helping rehome rescue animals as well as having her own.

The Manly Area is an incredibly unique and diverse area with beautiful beaches, a national park, an aquatic reserve at Cabbage Tree bay and Manly Dam with its pristine bushland and an abundance of native wildlife. Kate is aware of the importance of preserving this natural environment and protecting native animals.

Kate was first made aware of the lack of animal protection laws when she witnessed first hand as a ten year old child the procedure known as “mulesling”, which involves cutting flaps of skin around a sheeps rump and tail, all without pain relief. This common practice shockingly still continues to be legal in Australia forty years later. Kate also learnt a decade ago about the intensive agricultural farming practices involving pigs, including “sow stalls” that most mother pigs are kept in. The sow stalls consist of a small metal crate, too small for the pigs to even turn around in. This farming practice along with medical procedures carried out without anaesthetic remains alive and well and legal in Australian piggeries.

The AJP plays a crucial role in promoting awareness about such cruel practices. Kate believes grass roots campaigning and informing the local community of how the vast majority of farmed animals live in Australia will enact change and create higher welfare for farmed animals through legislation. The AJP allows voters the certainty that animals, whether they are companion, farmed or wild are recognised for the sentient beings they are and are granted higher welfare.

Her other personal interests in animal welfare is the amount of healthy dogs and puppies that are euthanised every year as there is just not enough homes for shelter animals. She is acutely aware of the need to encourage people to ‘adopt, not shop’ to reduce the unnecessary killing of dogs. The latest RSPCA figures puts the number of homeless dogs killed at over 45,000 each year.

If you believe that we can do better by the animals, environment and people in Australia, then #Vote1 AJP at the New South wales state election. Follow Kate Paterson on her election journey by liking her page.