Julia Riseley

Julia Riseley is a strong and dedicated advocate and is campaigning for the seat of Swansea in the 2019 state election. Julia has lived in Swansea for most of her life. Julia regularly engages with her community through writing letters to the Editor of local newspapers. Julia speaks enthusiastically for compassionate and rationale laws to protect wildlife and all domesticated animals used for food, entertainment or clothing. Julia’s passion for animals and the environment is of paramount importance. She is deeply concerned at the vast areas of bushland being destroyed both locally & State wide. Julia says “Our native wildlife are losing their homes; further species are in serious danger of extinction.” Julia often engages with people in her community and one thing she has noticed is that most people want live animal export to stop. ‘’Ban live export’’ has been Julia’s mantra at previous elections, be that state or federal.

Julia has an assortment of rescue animals living with her at home. Julia says she would like to see in her lifetime an end to the puppy farming industry, an end to live export and freedom from cruel cages for all egg laying hens. When Julia isn’t helping animals you’ll find her as a singer and entertainer; preforming cabaret at local and surrounding clubs, villages and nursing homes.