Alison Waters

I am a domestic- and family-violence worker and have lived in the Lismore electorate since 2001. I am standing for the Animal Justice Party because I am committed to social justice. The AJP’s core values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence resonate with me as a mother, animal advocate, vegan and domestic-violence worker.

I believe that legislative change can improve the lives of countless animals.

I am passionate about the protection of koala habitat, real action on climate change, and the banning of greyhound racing and other industries that exploit animals for ‘sport’ and entertainment.

I believe that we will not eradicate interpersonal violence in our society while we tolerate the perpetuation of violent acts against animals in industries such as agriculture, animal testing, hunting, circuses and rodeos. A zero-tolerance approach to violence must include non-human animals.

I want to be a voice for animals, the environment and people in the NSW Parliament.