Tracey Keenan

Hi. I’m Tracey Keenan. I moved to the Goulburn Mulwaree area 7 years ago and I now call this my home. Just as everyone else, I want to live in a caring community and this is why I’m standing for the AJP because I believe this is the correct step to a kinder world for all.

I am very community minded and we all have the right to live without cruelty in our lives. I am very passionate about helping those that cannot speak for themselves. I wear many caps within the community – as a full time wife, carer, small business woman, mother and very recently I have started working in aged care. I am also the director of a sanctuary where we work with rescued animals and children that have come from difficult backgrounds. We show them that living a good life and treating each other with kindness and compassion is a much better way for our society.

Unfortunately domestic violence and all kinds of abuse is learnt behaviour, and children learn this from adults and other peers. We need to lead the way to show that domestic violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, physical, sexual, and financial abuse is not going be tolerated any more. Australians are a very caring and wonderful people, and understand that cruelty is not acceptable, and what we need is to work towards breaking the cycle of abuse; therefore vote for the Animal Justice Party and you can be the voice for those that do not have one.