Teresa Romanovsky

Teresa has been selected to represent the Animal Justice Party (AJP) in the NSW Legislative Assembly Election 2019 in the electorate of Summer Hill. As a Marrickville resident for almost a decade, Teresa is entrenched with Sydney’s Inner West culture and community, particularly understanding the Inner West’s love for companion animals and the rapidly growing plant based lifestyle for ethical, environmental and health reasons.
In addition to running as an election candidate, Teresa chairs the AJP’s Sydney East & Inner West Regional Group who meet every 3rd Tuesday at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and is also an elected member to the AJP’s NSW Committee as Deputy Convenor.
Living in an inner city area, Teresa is acutely aware of the issues around the breeding, sale and rescue of companion animals; putting an end to greyhound racing and the effects of plastic waste on our environment, health and of course the animals our waste is destroying. In her role as Regional Group Leader, Teresa is leading a campaign for tenancy reform to allow companion animals in rental properties and permission for pets to travel on public transport. And last October, at the AJP’s National Conference, Teresa held a 90 minute workshop on plastic waste including a full review of how it affects Australian marine and land wildlife, initiatives to resolve these issues and recommendations on how the AJP can make a stand on this devastating issue.
Teresa transitioned to an ethical vegan lifestyle 5 years ago, it was a long journey to get there but is a decision she says comes with zero regrets. After volunteering as Head of Cat Rescue and Board Member for Maggie’s Rescue for 2 years, rescuing and adopting out over 200 cats and kittens, Teresa was seeking a role where she could add value and a voice to a broader range of issue and help achieve legislative change for the protection of all animals.
“For animals to be truly protected change needs to be enacted at the legal level. Joining the Animal Justice Party means I can be directly part of that change, we are a growing power that will force the hand of the major parties to act in the best interests of all animals.”
If you also believe that we can do better by the animals, environment and people in Australia, then #Vote1AJP at the New South Wales state election. Follow Teresa on her election journey by liking her page Teresa Romanovsky, Animal Justice Party candidate for Summer Hill.