Susie Hearder

I have lived in the Tweed Valley for 25 years and have volunteered with many animal and environmental groups. I am a founding member and past President of Friends of the Pound Tweed and a founding member of Friends of the Hound Greyhound Adoption Group.

I care about a just society founded on kindness, compassion and empathy where all species and the environment enjoy robust legal protections.

I will advocate for animals in:

  • Puppy factories, pounds, pet shops, animal experimentation/medical research, those used in sport and entertainment and intensive animal agriculture.

I would promote:

  • An end to deforestation and logging in native forests, and mandatory protection of koala habitat
  • Sustainable industries causing no harm to animals or the environment, a ban on 1080 and urgent action on climate change.
  • Stronger legal protections for all fresh and marine water catchments, groundwater, aquifers and dependant native animal species and eco-systems.
  • Greater legal recognition of Aboriginal heritage and culture.
  • Retention of our unique natural landscape and villages.