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Stop the Macarthur Pets 'Intensive Puppy Breeding Facility'

Tell Wollondilly Council - We don't want the Macarthur Pets 'Intensive Puppy Breeding Facility'

Stand with us against the proposed Macarthur Pets 'intensive puppy breeding facility' 

Right now there is a Development Application to construct a ‘dog breeding facility’ in Wollondilly Shire Council. We have until 4th of April to make sure the Council knows that the community does not support the breeding of dogs for profit. 

This development could potentially house up to 50 dogs  - including unknown numbers of puppies, and it is motivated purely by profit.

The dogs bred here will be used to supply Macarthur pets.

Macarthur Pets does not have to breed more dogs to supply their pet shop. Just like Pet Barn they could make the ethical choice and be a dog adoption hub. 

Dogs are sitting in shelters waiting for their forever home. Healthy dogs are being euthanised every day. Pounds, shelters, and rescues are overflowing and rescuers and carers are at breaking point.

The last thing we need is more dogs being bred.

We cannot stand by and let this happen! Every dog deserves a loving home, not a life confined in a breeding facility and sold in a pet shop.

Puppy farms are still legal in NSW. If this development is approved, at least another 50 dogs will be forced to spend their lives pumping out litters of puppies for profit. While they suffer in silence, their puppies will be sent to Macarthur Pets and sold as designer dogs for potentially thousands of dollars.

The Animal Justice Party is fighting to ban puppy farms and we have a current bill in the NSW parliament calling for an end to the large-scale commercial breeding of dogs. Our Bill includes a limit on the number of dogs that can be kept, a limit on the number of litters each dog can have, and a ban on pet shop sales.





Stop the Macarthur Pets 'Intensive Puppy Breeding Facility'

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