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Justice for Gus

Justice for Gus the Blue Groper

Gus the Groper had a right to live free from human harm in his ocean home.

Locals described him as inquisitive, affectionate, and playful often befriending scuba divers on their ocean swims.

Gus didn't see humans as a threat, he may have swum right up to his killer expecting a pat but instead, he was shot with a speargun in a callous, cowardly, and illegal act.

Gropers are our state fish. They are supposedly protected by law from spearfishers. But the law did not protect Gus. What is even more enraging is that even though the man who killed Gus was caught. The $800 fine he received was woefully inadequate for the violent and deliberate act. He not only illegally speared Gus, a protected species, but he did so in an area designated as a no-spearfishing zone.

Gus, the blue groper, was a sentient being with the right to live peacefully in his natural habitat. It’s not just the local community that has expressed sorrow and anger, but people across Sydney, Australia, and the world.

We demand justice for Gus and protection for other Gropers living in the local marine environment.

We call upon the Minister for Agriculture Tara Moriarty to:

  • Increase the penalty issued and ensure penalties are in line with the crime - Maximum penalties for illegal fishing include a $22,000 fine or six months in jail. 
  • Explain why was the initial fine issued for killing Gus so inadequate. This was an illegal spearing of a protected fish
  • Introduce a licencing system for spearfishers - similar to the system for firearms.
  • Review and revise existing penalties for crimes against animals, ensuring they effectively deter potential offenders.
  • Implement stricter regulations and surveillance and enforcement to prevent illegal fishing and spearfishing in protected waters, focusing on protecting the habitats of endangered species like the blue groper.
  • Designate Oak Bay, Cronulla a Marine park 

Gus deserves Justice. 

Gus was loved. Locals have expressed outrage and anger at both the killing and the woefully poor penalty that was issued. One of our local members shared this

‘I've swum with Gus he was so gorgeous and loved popping up beside you as you swim. 💜💜💜’ Sharon. Animal Justice Party member Sydney South Regional Group.

Justice for Gus

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