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Support our Bill to allow pets in rentals

The current housing and rental crisis is causing more and more people to surrender their companion animals as they struggle to secure housing. The RSPCA reports that 1 in 5 surrenders are due to their owners’ concerns about rental applications. Small local rescues are contacting us to say they are overwhelmed with surrenders due to rental properties not accepting pets.

Our new bill would make it illegal for landlords and real estate agents to discriminate against people who have companion animals. NSW laws are lagging well behind other states and our Animal Justice party Bill will bring NSW into line with Victoria and Queensland.

To get this done we need your support. Labor made an election commitment to reform our rental laws to stop discrimination against those who share their lives with companion animals and they have failed to deliver on that commitment.

Sign our petition. Support our Bill and send Labor a message. Labor needs to know how many people want to see our rental laws changed

In Victoria a landlord must accept a pet request or otherwise apply through the state’s civil and administrative tribunal for a determination that their refusal is reasonable.  In the past 12 months just one landlord has successfully challenged a pet application. We are fighting for the same laws here

It’s time for change. Why should people who don’t own a home be excluded from the joy that animals bring to our lives. With home ownership out of reach for so many people our rental laws need changing now.

Support our Bill to allow pets in rentals

Sign this petition