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Global day of Action Against Adidas

Save the kangaroos: Join us for a global protest against Adidas on December 2nd and 3rd!

Kangaroos are the victims of the largest commercial slaughter of wildlife on the planet. This slaughter is being driven by companies like Adidas 

Every night across Australia kangaroos are brutally killed. It happens where no one is watching and whilst Adidas makes false claims on its website and in its media statements that killing kangaroos is humane, it is anything but. 

Kangaroos are hunted, terrorised, maimed, wounded, shot and killed. Baby kangaroos are bashed to death on bull bars or left to die a slow lonely death without their mother – all to make a pair of football/soccer boots. As one of the largest buyers of kangaroo skin, adidas is driving this killing.


As part of the 'Kangaroos are Not Shoes' campaign, the Animal Justice Party along with animal organisations across Australia and the world disrupted Nike's business by holding multiple protests outside their stores.

It worked.

In March this year, Nike and Puma announced that they will no longer use the skins of slaughtered kangaroos to make football/soccer boots. In September, New Balance announced they will also stop sourcing skins from the slain bodies of kangaroos. 

But Adidas has not. In fact, Adidas has doubled down, stating they will continue to use kangaroo skin in their football/soccer boots.

Using the body parts of a wild native animal to make shoes is not only obscene but completely unnecessary. Adidas is currently using a wide range of synthetics they absolutely do not need to use kangaroo. 


Partners around the world

  • IKPA -  International Kangaroo Protection Alliance
  • Animals Australia
  • Animal Wellness Action
  • Collective Fashion Justice
  • Center for a Humane Economy
  • Their Turn
  • PACMA, Partido Animalista Con el Medio Ambiente
  • Party for Animal Welfare
  • Animal Protection Party of Canada
  • Partito Animalista
  • Animal Justice Party Aoteroa/NZ
  • Animal Save Movement
  • UnChained TV
  • Social Compassion in Legislation 
  • Their Skin, BeNe
  • Animal Liberation
  • Animal Rights Activism Sydney
  • World Animal Protection
  • Victorian Kangaroo Alliance
  • Defend the Wild
  • Kangaroos Alive
  • Animal Liberation Queensland
  • Wild2Free
  • Animal Justice Party
  • Fur Free Toronto
  • Not Your Skin
  • SPCA International
  • Animal Wellness Foundation
  • Liberia Chimpanzee and Rescue
  • Voiceless
  • Coast to Coast

Why protest?

Watch MP Emma Hurst speak up for kangaroos in NSW Parliament

Protest Locations

Australia/ Aotearoa/NZ



  • Frankfurt 
  • Hamburg
  • Dublin
  • Napoli
  • Prato
  • Catania
  • Pisa
  • Sesto Fiorentino
  • Belgium 
  • Netherlands 
  • Spain:
  • Cordoba – Gran Capitán Boulevard Dome, Saturday 2 at 11:30h
  • Gijón – Los Fresnos Shopping Centre, Saturday 2 at 12h
  • Madrid – Gran Vía 21, Sunday 3 at 12h
  • Jaén – Subdelegación Gobierno, Sunday 3 at 12h
  • Seville – Calle Tetuán Adidas Shop, Sunday 3 at 11am
  • Las Palmas – Calle Triana 50, Sunday 3 at 17h
  • Mallorca – Paseo del Borne, Sunday 3 at 11am
  • La Coruña – C/ Real, 16, Sunday 3 at 13h


 In-Person Protest


 Online Action

Materials in english

  • Manifesto in english download
  • Manifesto in english and spanish, word document download
  • Posters for print in english download
  • Social media artwork in english download
  • Kangaroo flyer in english download
  • Social Media Artwork and Reels download


Materiales en español





If you are interested in organising a protest, contact us via email:

send email mail to participate