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Simon Fletcher
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Simon Fletcher is now a Sydneysider, originally having grown up on the Central Coast of New South Wales.   Simon currently resides in the Inner West, working as a local lawyer passionate about social justice, human and animal rights alike.

Simon discovered his passion for the rights of animals having studied Buddhist philosophy at university, which amongst other things, teaches the ethical and moral importance of refraining from causing harm to all sentient beings (not just human beings), a concept at the core of the Animal Justice Party’s values.  Simon was vegetarian for a number of years before deciding to make the switch to veganism upon learning of the cruelty and exploitation inherent in the dairy and egg industries and all other animal-related farming practices.

Simon has made the decision to stand as an AJP Candidate in the 2019 State Election in the seat of Strathfield and sees his legal experience as a key skill-set to be utilised in legislating for the protection of animals combined with his passion for all issues relating to animal welfare.

Simon has a particular interest in the abolition of factory farming, something he sees as the most barbaric exploitation of animals today, an issue that traverses borders domestically and internationally.  He will also campaign on reversing the New South Wales Government’s decision to reintroduce greyhound racing as an issue of local importance in the Sydney region.