Robyn Marchant

Robyn Marchant Coffs Harbour

Robyn Marchant
Candidate for
Coffs Harbour


Phone: 0411241201

Robyn’s family has lived in Sawtell for 38 years and Robyn moved here permanently 24 years ago to raise her two children after her husband died.

She has worked with children as a teachers’ assistant for the past 20 years, and at a local primary school for 16 years. At school she is known affectionately as the ‘animal whisperer’ and is called on to look after every stray dog, cat or bird that has fallen from a tree. She has also taught yoga and meditation for 20 years and promotes heathy living and caring for our environment.

Robyn grew up with many animals and this has never changed: she now has three dog family members. She has advocated for animals with many animal welfare groups, environmental groups and WIRES. In the past few years she has travelled overseas and worked voluntarily with elephants in Thailand and rescue donkeys in Spain, as well as teaching children in Cambodia.

Robyn joined the Animal Justice Party in 2018 and decided to run as a candidate to help bring about changes in our laws concerning the welfare of animals. She supports the policies of the AJP, particularly on the toughening of animal protection laws and increased penalties for animal abusers, alongside all policies relating to our treatment of native wildlife, companion animals and livestock.

Locally, Robyn supports the three bored tunnels for the Coffs Harbour Bypass, with particular attention on the safety of the koala population, maintaining koala corridors and protecting areas of cultural significance to the local indigenous people. She will also give support to the Great Koala National Park. She promotes ‘adopt: don’t shop’ policies that help animal-rescue groups in the area, and supports environmental groups that work locally to maintain healthy marine life and seabirds.

Robyn’s favourite quote is: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ (Gandhi). She hopes you will share this journey with her.