Matthew Stellino

Matthew Stellino

Matthew Stellino
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My name is Matt Stellino and I am running in my local seat of Macarthur for the Animal Justice Party.

I am actively involved in campaigning for animal rights through various channels and believe legislative change for animals is another crucial avenue that needs addressing if they are to ever have autonomy.

I became a member of the AJP to help strengthen their power in Parliament after it became abundantly clear that elected members of the major parties were either intentionally misrepresenting the way their constituents felt about key issues or were failing to listen properly to know. Issues such as Live Export of animals, the use of animals in circuses and racing industries, the slaughter of our wildlife by game shooters & the standard of welfare that is shown to animals on food farms are all talks that need to be had on a federal level so that action can be taken.

I have been a resident of Macarthur almost my entire life and feel a connection to the region.

I believe the underlying K.E.R.N principles that govern the AJP are ones that can & should always be upheld.

Kindness, wherever possible.
Equality, the best society is the one that is designed to be fair to all.
Rationality, to ensure the best practical outcome.
Non-Violence, we have evolved to use our minds foremost to solve our challenges.

Save Animals Through Political Action