Heather Edwards

Heather works in a small business doing sales, marketing and website work, she has worked in a variety of roles over the years, however it is her volunteer work outside of her job has always been very important to her.

Since moving to the Southern Highlands almost 4 years ago she has been involved in fighting Hume Coal’s proposed coal mine with significant concerns about the water usage/pollution, land clearing and impact on wildlife.

She has also volunteered for Wildlife Rescue South Coast on the phones. She is very concerned about the number of animals being displaced by developments and the sheer number of animals killed each day on the Hume Highway. Heather is keen to see development done with wildlife in mind and ensure that there are corridors for them to move through.

Heather started a Southern Highlands Veggie Group to encourage more people to try a plant-based diet and to get more restaurants to put plant-based options on their menus.

Heather believes the single most important thing you can do for animals is to join the Animal Justice Party to help give animals a voice in parliament.