Gae Constable

Gae grew up in the south-western suburb of Lurnea and continues to maintain strong links to the area through family and friends. Her career has been in Government administration and she is now devoting her energy to animal protection. She has always cared about animals and nature and is currently a Bushcare volunteer and supporter of various animal welfare and environment groups.

She joined the AJP in 2018 as she was attracted to their integrity, genuine commitment to animal welfare and values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-violence.

Gae wants the political system to reflect the burgeoning social movement towards animal welfare, climate change and the environment. She believes this election provides an opportunity for this to become a reality, stating “Voting #1AJP can bring about unprecedented change in our political landscape.”

Last year she became aware of the immense suffering of animals in food production and has subsequently adopted a plant based diet. She will never turn her back on this cruelty and wants people to vote for the AJP to bring it to an end.

Her passion is to protect native wildlife, particularly from the relentless destruction of habitat, and will campaign for an independent Office of Animal Welfare.

Gae will work to deliver AJP policies on climate change, factory farming, battery chicken cages, sow crates, surgical procedures without anaesthetic; live animal export, greyhound racing, rodeo’s, circus animals and enforcement of  animal cruelty laws.

If elected Gae aims to:

  •      Stop overdevelopment, environmental degradation and destruction of wildlife habitat
  •      Protect the local koala population
  •     Assist animal welfare services and volunteer groups
  • Increase planting of native flora in parks and gardens to support wildlife diversity and reduce urban heat
  • Promote desexing programs and responsible pet ownership
  • Support animal friendly business initiatives
  • Educate children to engage with animals safely and respectfully

If you also believe that we can do better by the animals, environment and people in Australia, then #Vote1AJP at the New South Wales state election.