Gae Constable

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If I see that something needs to be done, I do it.

That is how I entered politics as the first AJP candidate for the Holsworthy electorate in the 2019 NSW election. Inspired by those who voted to show Government that animals matter, I am confident the Hughes electorate will also vote for kindness and compassion.

I have always cared about animals and nature. After a career in Government administration I am now involved in supporting various wildlife sanctuaries and environment groups.

I joined the AJP last year after I attended a stop live export rally and wanted to do more to end this horrendous industry. I was attracted to the AJP’s values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-violence.

Like many Australians I am appalled with how animals are treated in this country. Animals suffer for the live export industry, food production, puppy farms, entertainment and testing. They are confined, slaughtered, poisoned, hunted, culled, exploited and their habitats destroyed for animal agriculture and development.

Animals and nature need help.

That is why I am standing as a candidate for Hughes – to represent the voiceless. I want the political system to reflect the burgeoning social movement towards animal protection, to end live export and respond to the global call for urgent and serious climate change action, acknowledging the science of animal agriculture impacts and the need for reforestation.

I was vegetarian for five years and transitioned to a vegan diet just over a year ago. It is heartening to see more people making compassionate food choices with the accompanying health and environment benefits.

If you believe that we can do better by animals, the environment and people then #Vote1AJP in both the lower and upper houses this Federal election.

Save Animals Through Political Action