Flavia Coleman

Flavia Coleman is the Animal Justice Party candidate for Terrigal on the Central Coast north of Sydney. She has a strong wish to live her best life and to inspire others to do so. She is a speaker and author.

Being involved with The Animal Justice Party since its inception, she has helped with their many and ongoing efforts in reaching out to the community in order to raise awareness of animal cruelty. She has been part of numerous marches, rallies and public education campaigns. Flavia is currently one of the organisers of monthly Primate Vigils held outside Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. The vigils help educate the public about animal research; a practice which has been proven cruel and useless. In 2003 she helped form a team of concerned citizens who successfully brought about legislative changes to cease surrendered pets in NSW pounds being used in animal research.

Flavia arrived on the picturesque Central Coast over thirty years ago. It is on the Coast that she reared her two daughters and where she continues to live with her husband and enjoys her three grandchildren. As a grandmother she believes that all parents and grandparents share a collective vision and desire to hand on a living planet upon which future generations will not only survive but thrive. As an Animal Justice Party Candidate she aims to tackle the biggest issues currently threatening each inhabitant of our planet today. “The time has come to restore our planet as we face climate change, crisis of mass extinction, water shortage and the overwhelming drain this places on our economy. Ultimately we share one planet. Human health is dependant on a robust ecology and environment. We cannot save the planet without saving the animals. We are all part of a common biosphere. Abundance can only happen on an abundant planet’” Her sights are set on the discontinuance of Live Export, Factory Farming, Puppy Mills and the containment of Battery Hens.

Flavia joined The Animal Justice Party because of its growing momentum in making the changes that count. “It’s all about non selective compassion.” A world where there are no boarders but all encompassing compassion, where each lives as an equal and all life is honoured as sacred. “Life is about living in harmony with nature and not at her expense.” Flavia will work with a greater vision for a kinder world where equality is enjoyed by all, rationality solves problems and non violence is the key.

If you also believe that we can do better by the animals, environment and people in Australia, then #Vote 1AJP at the New South Wales state election.