Deb Doyle

A vote for Deb Doyle is a vote for people,
Animals and the environment.

Deb is a self-employed copy editor; a grammar and editing teacher;
the author of Grey Areas and Gremlins: A grammar and punctuation
refresher; and an artist who since 2015 has been selling her colourful
‘Give pigs a chance’ poster, which she’s hoping to shift more of
now we’re in the year of the Earth Pig!

She has two sons and a daughter, and lives in Dover Heights with
her daughter and their cat. She’s been vegetarian for 32 years and
vegan for 20.

When she joined the Animal Justice Party 10 years ago, she felt she’d
finally found ‘her people’ – empaths whose core values are kindness,
equality, rationality and non-violence.

She was the AJP candidate for the federal seat of Wentworth in
last year’s by-election. At a meet-the-candidates forum held at the
Bondi Pavilion during the lead-up to that election, she delivered a
rousing four-minute speech about key topics such as the negative
impacts of animal agriculture and the imperative that humans make
the change to plant-based nutrition.