Claire Robertson

Claire Robertson is representing the Animal Justice Party as a candidate in the electorate of the Upper Hunter. Claire has lived in the hunter for many years and shares her life with her best friend Chachi, a two-year old rescued cat. Claire spends most of her spare time volunteering for local activism groups such as Anonymous for the Voiceless, attending protests and vigils. While helping spread the word of veganism with the public Claire realised that making changes in legal policies and laws was the next step towards a kinder and non-violent world. Claire is proud to be running as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party in the up coming state election. She highly values AJP as they are the only political party in Australia that’s gives the animals a voice in parliament.

After finishing year 10, Claire went on to work in the aged care industry for 6 years. Claire has recently started an electrical apprenticeship, she is passionate about renewable energy and is working towards a career in the renewable industry. Claire cares deeply about our environment and climate change.
Claire has a great passion for helping other species we share this beautiful world with. She has campaigned against live export, culling of the Singleton brumbies, animals in circuses, animals used for research but Claire’s greatest passion lies with those abused for food. Claire is deeply concerned with the lack of compassion and protection farmed animals denied.

If you also believe that we can do better by the animals, environment and people in Australia, then #Vote1AJP at the New South Wales state election.