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I was born and raised in Richmond NSW on a vegetable farm which used draught horses for horsepower. This began my love of horses particularly, and all animals. The demise and cruelty to these lovable giants who were vital to growth of this country appalls me.

We moved to the Hunter valley 30 years ago and became involved with Animal Liberation and the rescue, rehabilitation and in some cases the release of native animals back into their natural state. I fondly remember a galah we released who months later returned with a mate and 2 young galahs. (While he was with us, he developed a unique call)

More recently I joined the Animal Justice Party as I believed that at last there was a voice for all animals. I was privileged to be asked to stand in my local area for the Animal Justice Party as a voice for animals and the environment. By my involvement, I hope to repay the debt we owe especially to the horses and all animals that have been a part of and enriched our lives.