Catherine Ward

Catherine is a librarian who has worked in public libraries for nearly 20 years.

Catherine joined the Animal Justice Party 3 years ago and has been a regional group leader for 2 years as she believes the success of the Animal Justice Party will have the greatest positive impact on the most animals.

Catherine believes giving animals a voice in parliament is vital to improving the lives of all animals: native, companion and farmed.

“Australians love animals and hate animal cruelty, over two thirds of households have a pet. Anyone who has loved and cared for a dog or cat knows they feel happiness, love and joy and that they can also feel pain. I wish that everyone would make the connection that pigs in sow stalls and chickens in battery cages etc, also have the same capacity, but all they experience is a lifetime of suffering”

Catherine main focus areas

End to Battery Cages

Habitat Protection and Action on climate change

Tougher penalties for people convicted of animal cruelty

Protection of Kangaroos