Carol Bellenger

Carol Bellenger

Carol Bellenger
Candidate for
Senate No.3


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I joined the AJP because I believe that legislative changes are the best way to make a positive and dramatic impact on the wellbeing of animals and how we share the natural world with them.

The AJP values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence resonate with me on a deep and personal level and I believe that all animals should feel and experience those same values.

I have been a passionate advocate for animals for over 30 years in many ways including holding office bearer positions with organisations including the AJP; supporting direct action, fundraising, managing volunteers and holding information stalls; being the animal welfare representative on Ethics Committees; volunteering overseas; and financially supporting other groups.

My love and respect for animals began as a child rescuing stray cats and has continued throughout my life.
As a young teenager I became vegetarian (now vegan) as my awareness grew of the sentience and beauty of all animals.

Professionally, I hold post-graduate qualifications in psychology and criminology and have worked in counselling to develop clients’ empathy towards all sentient creatures. This included working with offenders charged with animal cruelty-related offences.

Currently I am a professional learning and development specialist working within the human services and NFPs, charities and advocacy groups.

I also hold project management qualifications and have worked for state and federal government. I have extensive experience in workplace training, change management, public speaking, event management, chairing government sub-committees, stakeholder liaison, legislation, and working in government policy frameworks.

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