Bryan Mcgrath

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Bryan McGrath has been selected to represent Animal Justice Party, as the candidate for Shortland, in the House of representatives for this year’s Federal election 2019.

Bryan is a long time passionate animal protection advocate. He first adopted a plant based lifestyle in the year 2000. His decision was based on learning about the severe routine cruelty to animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses, and the benefits and ease of eating a plant based diet. Bryan has always cared for animals and has grown up loving many companion animals. For the past 7 years Bryan has been helping run a local animal rescue. He often helps bottle feed and care for orphan kittens. Bryan has been working in construction, surveying and engineering for the past decade.

Bryan ran in the Legislative Council (Upper House) alongside Emma Hurst in the recent NSW state election. He is passionate about politics, law, science and effective animal protection advocacy. He understands the importance of pragmatic approaches and highly values animal rights philosophy. Bryan enjoys learning and is dedicated to logical, critical thinking. Animal Justice Party’s core values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence fit perfectly with Bryan’s everyday life. Bryan has been a member of Animal Justice Party for many years and is proud to represent them in the election. Most importantly he is honoured to be advocating for animals to have a political voice in Australian law making and politics.

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