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Statement from The Animal Justice Party on animal activist protests

Statement From the Animal Justice Party on Animal Activist protests to mark the anniversary of Dominion.

This week’s Dominion anniversary protests sought to highlight the appalling treatment of farmed animals in Australia. The Animal Justice Party supports the right of activists to protest peacefully in drawing attention to the daily lawful and at times unlawful cruelties that are inflicted on animals used in agriculture whether it be in intensive facilities, farms, transportation or slaughterhouses.

Considerable media attention was expended on discussing the merits of the protest activities rather than examining the conditions under which animals are farmed, transported and slaughtered. The Animal Justice Party believes that the public deserves to know the truth about our animal agricultural practices. We urge people to watch the documentary Dominion
so that they can make up their own minds about whether the protest activities were proportionate to the suffering experienced by the millions of sentient beings that are bred, mutilated, confined and killed each year in order for meat, eggs and dairy to be available for sale to the public.