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Warriewood Circus Protest

Please join us on the 5th November at Boondah Reserve Warriewood to urge Stardust circus to stop using and exploiting animals such as goats, guinea pigs, ponies, horses and dogs in their 'performances' and to use talented, consenting humans instead.
We must demonstrate to the Northern Beaches Council that Northern Beaches locals do not want to see animals in captivity for 'entertainment'. In November, councillors will be voting on whether to include a 'have your say' platform where locals can write submissions against the use of animals in a circus on council owned /managed land. We need to change public perception that it is okay to exploit animals in the circus.
Animals cannot sustain happy and healthy lives when they are forced to perform back to back to 'entertain' humans. Animals trapped in a circus life, are forced to act in unnatural ways and are subjected to long distance travel in cramped conditions as well as being belittled by 'performing' meaningless tricks* and/or behaviours masquerading as fun... for the human audience.
Take the B1 bus from Wynyard to the B1 bus stop at Boondah Reserve, Warriewood. Or park on Boondah Rd if arriving by car.
The 'show' starts at 2pm so we will begin our event at 1.30pm to raise awareness of the plight of the animals prior to the showtime start as attendees arrive.

We have a number of corflutes and banners, however you are welcome to make your own circus posters or signs with a message that advocates for the animals and their need to be free of being caught up in the circus circuit.
Police approval pending. 
Meaningless 'tricks' such as having a human sit on you when you are down, idleness in between performances, riding on the back of another animal, forced to race, dancing on your hind legs and the list goes on and on. *
November 05, 2023
1:30pm - 4pm
Boondah Reserve
Warriewood, NSW 2102
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Susan Sorensen ·

Will you come?