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Sydney - Northern Beaches Local Group

We campaign on:

  • Protecting existing bushland
  • Calling for a ban on shark nets
  • Cleaning up our beaches
  • Puppy Farm Awareness
  • Circus protests on Council land to free ‘domesticated animals’
  • Kangaroo slaughter awareness raising
  • Participation in protests such as pressure campaigns on NIKE #roosarenotshoes and Hermes #dropcroc
  • Attendance at #koalasneedtrees rallies
  • Encouraging our members to make submissions or fill out surveys as part of Parliamentary inquiries as requested by MPs Mark Pearson and Emma Hurst
  • Letter writing to Ministers and Councillors


[email protected]

[email protected]



Meetings: We meet every second Tuesday of the month at 7pm with a combination of Online meetings via ZOOM and Face to Face meetings at Harbord Diggers in the ‘Community room’.

Sydney - Northern Beaches Local Group has no upcoming events

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