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Wildlife-Friendly Roads

An estimated 10 million native animals are killed on Australian roads every single year. This figure does not include the numerous joeys of mothers killed on roads. Countless animals are hit and left to die. It’s not just the animal that is killed who suffers but the family and community they belong to – animals like kangaroos have deep social bonds so when a mother, brother, sister or son is killed, they experience grief. Wildlife carers and rescuers report that animals may be killed trying to help an injured friend. 

While most Australians feel a sense of sadness as they pass yet another dead or dying kangaroo on the side of the road, we have a culture where high animal road fatalities have been normalised and accepted. Animals are generally not assisted and are left to die a slow, lonely death in agony and fear.

The road toll is so high it threatens entire species.

Our Plan

There are many proven solutions. What we need is a government that cares and is prepared to invest resources – because many of these deaths are completely preventable. 

  • Increased funding for construction of overpasses and underpasses
  • Designated wildlife corridors  
  • Driver education and awareness-raising programs 
  • Increased signage 
  • Mass virtual fencing trials across the state
  • More investment into evidence-based solutions and evaluation of current strategies.

These improvements will also make the roads safer for humans, reducing the number of injuries, fatalities and emotional trauma people experience after colliding with animals on our roads.