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Shark Nets

In 2020, almost 60% of the animals caught in shark nets died. Even the 40% released alive are not guaranteed survival – injuries from their period of entanglement can cause death soon after. Of the 480 animals trapped that season, only 50 were targeted sharks. 

A 2012 study by Bond University found that 40% of sharks were caught on the beachside of shark nets. "The nets have never been a barrier to sharks," their researcher said.

Shark nets and drumlines are cruel, indiscriminate and they don’t work. This carnage is not worth a false sense of security. How many more baby whales and dolphins can we let die slowly in ‘shark nets’?

Shark nets do not protect from shark bites. Research published in People and Nature

Journal (2019) showed that nets off NSW beaches trap 16 times more non-target species

than the three “dangerous” sharks they are aimed at (Tiger, White and Bull sharks – all of which are threatened or near threatened), with little measurable benefit in terms of

improving human safety.

Between 2012-2019:

  • 265 rays, 65 turtles, 40 dolphins and 1 humpback whale were killed in NSW shark nets.
  • Over 60% of species caught were threatened or protected.

Since their inception in 1937, approximately 19,000 animals have been killed in NSW shark nets.

Our Plan 

  • Immediate removal of all shark nets
  • Phase out of ‘SMART’ drum lines

Increase in evidence-based solutions that work:

  • Drone surveillance
  • Helicopter surveillance
  • Increased patrols on beaches including shark spotters
  • Personal shark deterrents
  • Investment in emergency medical response proven to reduce lethality
  • Education.