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NSW Politician implores locals to watch this film… Kangaroo: a love-hate story

The Honourable Mark Pearson, leader of the Animal Justice Party, is asking locals to watch a screening of the movie Kangaroo: A love-hate story while it is being shown in Orange.

It’s the only film ever made that highlights Australia’s fractured relationship with one of the world’s most iconic animals.

The movie screening coincides with the start of kangaroo culling season in the ACT, where it’s legal for hunters to bludgeon baby joeys to death after they slaughter their mother.

“Australian governments promote, financially support and even actively participate in the brutal killing of the kangaroo,” Mr Pearson said.

“Our beloved kangaroo is a gentle, inoffensive, native animal that has resided in this land for 16 million years.

“I’m asking everyone to come along and see the international award-winning movie, at special one-off screening in Orange’.

“It will provide you with insight into the true nature of this special animal, and why it’s important for us as a nation to help protect it into the future. It’s a film every Australian should see.”

The groundbreaking film reveals the truth surrounding Australia’s love-hate relationship with its beloved icon. It also examines Australia’s constitutional contract with kangaroo culling.

Mark Pearson will be attending the screening and participating in a Q&A session after the film.

You can find out more ab out Kangaroo: A love-hate story here –

Event details
Venue: CWA Hall, Byng St, Orange.
Time/date: 3pm Saturday 19th May
Cost: Admission to the movie is $10 at the door

Media inquiries: Louise Ward, NSW State Director, Animal Justice Party. 0437 922 318, [email protected]

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