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Live Export

Live animal export remains one of Australia’s greatest, most shameful acts of cruelty against animals. Stopping it is the Animal Justice Party’s number one issue, and it’s the number one issue for many of our members and supporters.

Over the last 40 years, millions of sheep and cattle have experienced the horrors of transport on long sea journeys in sweltering conditions. This horrific trade is governed by federal legislation, which the states are beholden to. As such, live export cannot be banned by the states: it can only be banned by Albanese’s Government.

What we are doing, however, is using our political power in NSW to pressure Federal Parliament for a ban on live export.

Our Plan

This is what we can achieve from within NSW Parliament:

  • Prevent any expansion of the trade to NSW by introducing legislation to ban live animals from being sent for export from NSW ports.
  • Continue to use our political power at a state level, to pressure the Albanese Government to take action on a ban.