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Factory Farming

Two-thirds of the meat eaten in Australia each year comes from factory farms where animals, mostly hens and pigs, are raised in confined spaces without access to fresh air or sunshine. 

Most chicken and pig products on sale in Australian supermarkets are sourced from these terrible places.

Meat hens have been specifically bred for rapid growth and are slaughtered after just six weeks of life.  By this point their skeletal development can’t keep up with the growth of their musculature and many will die prematurely due to the stress on their cardiovascular system.

Sows in intensive farms spend most of their lives either pregnant or feeding piglets, which means many weeks spent confined in farrowing crates that are barely bigger than her body.

Factory farms create stressed and bored animals and as a consequence many cruel mutilations such as teeth clipping, and debeaking are performed to prevent the animals from self-harming or attacking each other. 

Our Plan

We consider that all animals including those in factory farms should have the right to live as close as possible to ‘natural lives’ whereby they have access to fresh air, sunshine, exercise and the ability to express their natural instinctive behaviours such as dust-bathing and foraging. 

  • The withdrawal of Government financial support, except for research into welfare improvements and support for a just transition out of intensive animal agriculture.
  • The rapid phase out of all farm animal mutilations, including tail docking, castration, branding, ear marking, teeth clipping, de-horning and mulesing. 
  • The rapid phase out of cages, pens, stalls, crates and other enclosures that do not allow farmed animals complete freedom of movement, the ability to exercise, and to carry out their natural instinctive behaviour.