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Ban 1080

1080. A poison so dangerous it's banned almost everywhere in the world, but in Australia, is littered everywhere – even in national parks.

Ostensibly, 1080 is used to kill "wild dogs" (dingoes) and foxes, but it is not a targeted poison. In New Zealand, it is used to kill possums. In Tasmania, it is used to kill wallabies.

1080 kills indiscriminately: owls, eagles, goannas, kookaburras, magpies, quolls, bilbies, you name it.

1080 also kills beloved companion animals. There is no antidote, and the slow, excruciatingly painful death has left many heartbroken owners traumatised for life.

No animal deserves 1080, it kills wildlife indiscriminately, and we can't risk it in our environment or near our communities.

Get 1080 out of our communities now. Sign and share our petition, and if you want to do more, get involved with our 1080 toolkit.

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