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1080 Local Campaign toolkit

Want toxic 1080 out of your community?

In 2022 Animal Justice Party Councillor Matt Stellino won a 1080 ban in the City of Campbelltown. We want to replicate his success across the the nation. But we'll need help:


On this page you'll find the tools, tactics and resources you need to get a 1080 ban rolling in your community.

The hard truth is, your best hope for getting 1080 banned in your local area... is you.

So equip yourself 🤺

Start by watching our webinar:


⚡ Alex Vince – Campaign Manager, Animal Liberation NSW and co-founder Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison

⚡ Matt Stellino – Animal Justice Party Councillor, City of Campbelltown

⚡ Donna Wilson – Animal Justice Party Sydney South West Leader and 1080 Campaign Manager

⚡ Sarah Ryan – Animal Justice Party Central Coast Deputy Leader

They cover:

☣️ the history of 1080 issues in Australia

☣️ its impacts on animals, people and the environment

☣️ what can be used instead of 1080 – lethal and non-lethal solutions

☣️ the practical resources and strategies you'll need to get a ban on 1080 rolling in your community



Sign and share this petition. Our Animal Justice Party MPs Mark Pearson and Emma Hurst can use this in Parliament to lobby a ban.


Slides shared in the webinar:

  1. Ban 1080 Information Pack (PDF)
  2. Alternatives to 1080 (PDF)



Have you watched the webinar and you're ready to get a 1080 campaign rolling in your community? We are happy to offer advice; please email [email protected] and we'll help you get started.