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Ban 1080

Target: Central Coast Council

A poison so dangerous it's banned almost everywhere in the world. Our Council is using 1080 right here on the Central Coast.   Campbelltown Council and the Blue Mountains have already banned toxic 1080 because of cruelty concerns and concerns about the impact on the environment.

The Central Coast Council currently uses 1080 as part of an outdated pest management plan to kill foxes. It is used in parks and reserves across the Coast including Rumbalara reserve, Kincumba Mountian Regional Reserve and Patonga Creek foreshore.

1080 is a deadly poison that acts through ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption and is listed as a Schedule S7 (Dangerous Poison) in Australia and a Class 1a pesticide2 (Extremely Hazardous) by the World Health
Organisation. It is toxic to all warm-blooded animals including native wildlife, companion animals and humans.

Animals poisoned by 1080 suffer a prolonged and agonising death to which there is no antidote.

1080 also kills beloved companion animals. There is no antidote, and the slow, excruciatingly painful death has left many heartbroken owners traumatised for life.

1080 kills indiscriminately and kills native wildlife too: owls, eagles, goannas, kookaburras, magpies, quolls, bilbies, you name it.

This petition of concerned residents calls for Central Coast Council to:

  • Immediately ban the use of 1080 poison (Sodium Fluoroacetate) and Strychnine poison on all Council-owned
    and/or managed lands.
  • Invest in non-lethal humane alternatives like Immuno-contraceptives, wildlife habitat protection, bush regeneration, promotion of responsible pet ownership and free desexing programs

Get 1080 out of our Coast now. 

No animal deserves 1080, it kills wildlife indiscriminately, and we can't risk it in our environment or near our communities.


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