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Puppy Farms

We recognise that people love their cats and dogs. They care about their wellbeing, and we do too. 

Puppy farming is still legal in NSW. In fact, NSW is fast becoming the puppy farm capital of Australia with WA, Victoria, SA and Queensland all introducing legislation to end puppy farming in their states. We now have notorious puppy farmers crossing borders, flocking to NSW where they can set up their puppy farms with virtually no rules, no oversight and no compliance checks.

Across NSW there are thousands of dogs facing a lifetime of confinement, deprived of all socialisation and forced to pump out litter after litter of puppies in squalid conditions to supply the pet industry.

Australians hate animal cruelty. They would be horrified to learn that the dog or cat they adore was forced to suffer in an intensive breeding facility where literally hundreds of dogs or cats are caged and forced to breed – and where most likely their mother remains.

Our Plan

The Animal Justice Party calls for an immediate end to puppy and kitten farming across Australia. Animals currently in the industry must not be killed but, rather, adopted out. 

Our plan will end puppy farming, weed out dodgy backyard cat and dog breeders, and ensure safe homes for all pets.

  • Convert pet shops to adoption centres 
  • Registration system for breeders 
  • Implement traceability for pets by integrating all state/territory systems into a national online register which documents the history of every animal from birth.
  • Introduce a cap on the number of breeding dogs/cats held at any one property, and a cap on the number of litters a breeding dog/cat can have per year and over their lifetime. This mirrors the legislation in Victoria. 
  • Allocate sufficient resources to enforce animal protection laws in each state, including annual inspections and audits of breeders and breeding facilities.
  • Ensure that when puppy and kitten farms close, the animals are rehomed through appropriate rescue groups, not killed.