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Kangaroos do not cause environmental damage

The Myth: Kangaroos cause environmental damage

The Reality: Kangaroos do not have a large environmental impact

Benefits of kangaroos

  • As native Australian animals, kangaroos do minimal damage to the environment, and rather they function as an integral part of the land’s ecological health and regenerators of native grass.
  • Kangaroos urine and faeces is a natural fertiliser, essential to the health of Australian soil.
  • Research shows that kangaroos contribute to between 1 to 8% of total grazing pressure nationwide.

Damage done by farm animals

  • Farm animals present a far greater danger to the environment than kangaroos.
  • Farm animals contribute to increased grazing pressure on already arid land in addition to causing erosion and soil damage.
  • As they eat, sheep and cattle destroy plant roots and produce nitrogen rich waste, further degrading already infertile soil.
  • Overgrazing of livestock is a major fact in mass extinctions of marsupials in NSW.